April 2012 – SIX (6) days and COUNTING!

Will Fordham from Fordham Marine finished putting the boat motor and outdrive back together late Friday afternoon. MemoryMaker too… now has new manifolds and risers, new spark plugs, new filters, new pulley belt, new impeller pump, all new fluids, AND, she’s been all checked over inside and out in preparation for her adventure. MemoryMaker too…’s prop blades have been filed to get out a couple small dings. A new SIMRAD chartplotter has been installed and a new depth sounder puck has been secured to the bottom of the boat to tie the depth sounder to the chartplotter. Dave has finished rewiring the water pump so it can now also be turned off and on in the cabin and finished caulking the new hatch cover this week. We replaced the hatch screen with one that has a built in screen and built in shade.  So it’s been a very busy week.

Still waiting for the canvas to come back from TopStitch; we’re replacing several of the zippers that had some corrosion and adding some canvas flaps to help defray rainwater. Hopefully we’ll get the last of that project finished on Monday. Yesterday we started loading some provisions and clothes. MemoryMaker too … is all cleaned and polished. Plans are to put her back in the water and on the dock by midweek so that we can power away early next Saturday morning.

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