Aug 13 – 2017 Travels

No folks we haven’t sailed to the edge of the earth and fell off. We stayed local this year. We did some boat work – some modifications, and just some routine maintenance. All this and some other chores have kept us so busy we haven’t had time to do a blog post.

Our friends Kent and Jane on “Rising Tide” (from Chattanooga) stopped by for a visit on their way back from the Bahamas.

Most recently we returned from a three week cruise up the St. Johns River to Sanford Florida and back. Of course, along the way it required a one-week time-out stop in Silver Glen Springs. We then spent another week enjoying the beauty of the St. Johns River cruising down to Sanford before coming back into the springs. After another week in Silver Glen Springs enjoying the clean crystal clear cool water, it was time to pack up and head back home. If we had any weeks left we’d go to the spring again and again and again. It is one of our favorite places.

Started the 2017 spring off with David giving a presentation on part of our great loop adventure at the AGLCA spring rendezvous in New Bern.

Once “Miss My Money” got back into Jacksonville this spring she got some attention…new bottom paint and lots of cleaning and buffing!

Spent several weeks at Silver Glen Springs during the summer 2017. Water temperature is 72 degrees here year round and 65 million gallons of crystal clear water pumps out of the spring every day.

Folks enjoying the cool clear water at Silver Glen Springs early in the morning. By afternoon and weekends this place can get packed.

Took a ride down the St. Johns River to Sanford with stops in Astor and Hontoon Island State Park. Here we’re on the state park pontoon going across the river with one of the rangers. They keep two of these there to ferry people from the mainland over to the island. They have electric motors that run off two banks of batteries with solar chargers built on the roof.

We saw several gators while we were out this summer. This guy wasn’t too happy about having his picture taken.

He decided to check us out. We think he wanted to get the camera back before he ended up on Facebook.

Always enjoy the birds. This beautiful white egret posed willingly.

Easy to see the gators in the clear water at Silver Glen.

There were constantly large schools of big mullet swimming in the crystal clear water at Silver Glen.

The new dinghy came in handy. We would cruise around in the morning and evening looking for wildlife and keeping an eye out for gators. We also visited with people on other boats and happily re-connected with Sonja and Bobbie who we had met at the Glen many years ago.

Weekends at Silver Glen is usually crowded with locals.

By late afternoon, it starts to looks like party central at the “Redneck Yacht Club”.

Red Sky at night, sailor’s delight!

Fortunatley by nightfall most people clear out leaving us to enjoy the peaceful serene setting of the springs that we love so much. We were able to enjoy several nights of a beautiful star lit sky at the springs. We also got to enjoy a full moon cycle while we were there. It really makes a beautiful sight at night.

One of the beautiful fiery red sunsets that we were treated to along the way.

“Miss My Money” back home in Jacksonville…waiting for her next adventure.


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