April 2012 – David & Barbara Doyle Cruising aboard Memory Maker too…

David & Barbara are planning to cast off for another adventure on Memory Maker too…during the summer 2012. They are going to cruise along some of the Great Loop route with plans to travel into Canada and tour the historic Canadian canal system. Most of these canals were built in the early 1800’s and provided the first waterway routes from the Atlantic Ocean into the Great Lakes. They will then cross Lake Erie back to New York and follow the Erie Canal to the Hudson River and then work their way south back to Jacksonville.

The boat has been moved off the dock and into the ‘barn’, as Dave calls it, in preparation for our journey. MemoryMaker too… has been cleaned and polished. Everything, all the dishes, bedding, charts…everything, has been taken out of the cabin. There’s not lots of space – so they are reorganizing in preparation for being on it for several months. Some of the canvas zippers connecting the bimini had to be replaced. The eisenglass got polished.

Dave’s been busy installing a new GPS. We were sure we wanted a new Garmin, but after going to the Miami boat show and talking with the Simrad folks and looking at their new products, we ended up buying a Simrad NSS7 GPS. It’s great. It offers touch screen navigation but also has buttons so that if you’re out bouncing around you can still use the old fashion buttons to make selections. Dave is also running the wires from the helm station to the cabin so that the water can be turned on/off in the cabin. The engine oils have been changed and we’re getting ready.

So keep checking back. The preparations are almost done for Dave & Barbara so that they can cruise aboard MemoryMaker too… during summer 2012 to explore the Canadian canals and enjoy the water.

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David & Barbara are off on another adventure.
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5 Responses to April 2012 – David & Barbara Doyle Cruising aboard Memory Maker too…

  1. Hi Barbara,
    I look forward to your blog and living vicariously through your journey. Post lots of pics!
    What an adventure and on so many levels.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Carol D. O’Dell

  2. Gloria McMillian (Bank of America) says:

    Thank you both so much, for sharing your new adventure with me. I sure will be looking forward to all the postings. Many Blessings to you both David & Barbara, you are doing…what most people want to do.. but only talk about. I also feel you are leading me on an adventure of a lifetime and thanks so much. Doyle was in the bank today…( I always call him Doyle) it’s the service in me…:-), he said, “You won’t believe what is about to happen.” Thank you both for allowing me to join in with you on this great adventure. I will have a light on. Be watching for ya’s…:-)

  3. David says:

    Gloria, great to see you back in the bank again. Might need a frendly banker to send money along the way LOL. Glad to see you signed on. Welcome aboard and enjoy the trip.

  4. Randy and Elaine Calvert says:

    Hi David and Barbara,

    It was great to meet you on the Trent system. We will look forward to reading more about your journey back to Florida. You have inspired us to continue talking about taking “the big trip” when we retire in a few years.
    Stay safe,

    Randy and Elaine

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