May 4 – Cruising Again…Headed North!

Ah…yes, it does feel good to be cruising again. It’s been a while since we last posted a blog. Lots has happened. The summer of 2014 found us selling “MemoryMaker too…” and finding the PDQ Miss My Money power catamaran. Our plans are to do some longer range boating and we thought it would be more fun if we had a little more space. So early last summer (2014), we posted a small ad on Craigslist to sell “MemoryMaker too…”. The first person that looked at her, made an offer and we took it. So she sold on Mother’s Day 2014.

We’ve been looking at boats for the last several years, trying to decide what would be a good fit for us. David wasn’t ready to give us all the speed and go to a slow trawler. We wanted more space, wanted better fuel economy, thought we’d like a bridge for visibility, but wanted to be able to get out of the weather and drive from below, if need be. We first saw a PDQ when we did our loop in 2005, thought it was a strange, but interesting looking boat at that time. We were really familiarized to the PDQ power catamaran at Trawlerfest in 2012 where one was on display. It really captured our eyes at that time, but we felt it was out of our reach. So we started looking at other options, but nothing seemed to compare to the PDQ in our eyes.

We made a couple offers on a PDQ that was on the market, but we weren’t able to come to terms. They wanted more than we felt it was worth. So David, with his real estate mindset, decided we’d use the ‘yellow letter marketing campaign’. We’d send out letters to owners and see if they’d consider selling their boat. Most PDQs are documented vessels and the Coast Guard publishes documented vessels data online. We knew we wanted a 2005 model year or later, because PDQ had made a design change that we liked. So we used their database and found the owners of 2005 PDQ’s or newer who were within a couple days driving distance. We found eight owners in the database, sent our letters and got a hit. When we went to see her in Pine Island FL, we fell in love. She was better than any of the others ones we’d seen. She’d been kept on a lift was still owned by the original owners, who had loved and taken great care of her. So on Father’s Day, 2014, we made an offer and after a few hours of negotiating, she was to be ours.

So in the summer of 2014, we brought her home from the Ft. Myers area (Pine Island), traveling across Lake Okeechobee, took her down to Silver Glen Springs on the St. Johns River, then up to Darien Georgia. By then Barbara’s summer vacation was over. David had her hauled out and completely gone through service wise. We put new bottom paint on her, did a few cosmetic things, like new window treatments inside and out, had a new cover made for the helm, added new red striping down her side and changed her port of call.

The original owners were awesome, both had quite a sense of humor as you can tell from her name…”Miss My Money”. We spent a lot of time thinking about changing her name, but figured the original owners found their money when they found us, so maybe we’ll be as lucky if we ever decide to sell her. She has two 100 hp Yanmar Diesel engines, travels comfortably 12-14 mph, will go faster if need be. She gets twice as good fuel economy as “MemoryMaker too…” and she’s 34′ long and 17 feet wide, so we have about triple the space that we had before. Being a catamaran, she’s very stable so does much better in choppy waters.

David’s ready to cruise…with or without Barbara. He spent a month on the West Coast this winter. We left Jacksonville about Thanksgiving time and spent Thanksgiving in Vero Beach, took her to Stuart and left her for a week while Barbara finished the fall term, then spent the Christmas break traveling across the state and over to Naples. After Christmas we brought her back up to Ft. Myers, where David stayed behind and Barbara went back to work. The AGLCA group was having a Gold Looper Rendezvous the middle of January that he wanted to attend. Once the rendezvous was over, he brought her back across the state, single handed, going through the locks by himself in route to Lake Okeechobee and then onto Stuart where we attended the PDQ get together and met several other PDQ owners. We brought her back home from Stuart before spring break, in March 2014.

Barbara was giving a presentation in Phoenix in March, so we flew out and explored the Grand Canyon during spring break. Came home and quickly got her ready to go down to Daytona for the MTOA Rendezvous. Again David got to enjoy that while Barbara stayed home and ended the spring semester.  That brings you up to date. On Sunday, April 26th we untied from our home dock and headed north. There’s a loose flotilla of other PDQ’s, six other ones, headed north that we’re joining. It’s a loose flotilla because we’re not all traveling together each day. It would be difficult to find spots at the same marina every day, being 17′ wide adds a little more complexity to finding slips for dockage.

We spent the first night at Hidden Harbor, near Brunswick Georgia. That’s a great marina. Went to Thunderbolt, near Savannah the next day. Our friend Stuart, from Jacksonville was there to greet us when we arrived. He was on his way back home from his New York trip. Had a great dinner with him and then shoved off early the next morning…right after the marina staff delivered the  warm Krispy Kreme donuts to the boat at 6:30 a.m. From there we next went to Port Royal Marina, near Beaufort SC. We styed there two nights. Several of the other PDQs docked downtown Beaufort, so we rode our bikes down and visited. Then borrowed the transient vehicle and went back later for docktails.

We left out early on Friday, May 1st and were the first of the PDQs to arrive at Ashley Marine in Charleston. This was designated as the 2nd stop for the group.

PDQ owners at the second scheduled stop in Charleston

PDQ owners at the second scheduled stop in Charleston

The first was St. Augustine on April 25th. We drove to St. Augustine to that one to join. At Ashley they were able to put most of us on the same dock. We had a great dinner together. The next day we headed to Georgetown. Still windy and cool, but it was a nice place to spend the night. From there it was on up to Myrtle Beach where we met with old friends, Rick and Margie on “Journey”. Tonight we’ll have dinner with them and Rod and Susie on “Bee Haven”. Enjoyed watching several of the PDQs pass by today. Tomorrow morning we’ll shove off early to catch up and experience more new adventures.


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15 Responses to May 4 – Cruising Again…Headed North!

  1. Sean says:

    So nice to see you posting again!

    Fantastic looking boat! With the catamaran it looks like the galley is in one hull and the sleeping quarters are in the other? That would make for a nice long term layout… Having the two separate.

    Hope both of you are keeping well!

    • admin says:

      Hi Sean, great to hear from you! She has two staterooms with queen berths, both in the stern of the boat. The galley is on port side and head and dressing area are starboard in front of the sleeping quarters. I hope to post some more pictures of her sometime this summer, but the 17′ beam really opens up the living quarters. It was raining when we were in Beaufort with the other PDQ owners. One of the Canadian boats, Tiger, hosted the docktail party on his boat. There was twelve of us in his salon. Thanks for the post and thanks again for starting the initial website, back in 2005…ten years ago!

  2. Susie says:

    Glad to see you’re back on the boat…and blogging again. I’ve been thinking about y’all. Enjoy your summer. I look forward to reading about you adventures. Enjoy!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Susie…I kept up with your adventure during the winter, very envious of your Abacos trip. We’re hoping to do some of the New England stops that you made a couple years ago. Hope you enjoy Rockport and those grand babies!

  3. Alan Ortiz says:

    Beautiful vessel! Glad to see you up and going again. We have wondered about the suitability of a power cat so we are looking forward to your experience as you share your travels! Bon voyage!

  4. Gary Boelens says:

    Looks like a nice boat. Hope you guys have lots of fun on it !

  5. Bob & Ina says:

    I’m sure you in heaven on the water again. It look like that one has enough room to party. Be safe and keep us posted on you travels. I will follow you on the map.

  6. Jim and Ann Capehart says:

    Enjoyed meeting the two of you, after following the Memory Maker Too. Glad to see you are out hitting the water. We are in Coeymans Landing Marina on the Hudson heading for home in Michigan. Hope to get there by June 1, 2015. Safe journeys to you, Jim and Ann.

  7. Debi McFadden Giles says:

    Hi Barb. & Dave, I have enjoyed your blog, been trying to get in touch with you. I hope you remember me, would love to hear from you. Have a safe trip.

    • admin says:

      Who could ever forget the giver of the care package box of Snickers? Glad to see you’re following along! Hope to reconnect with you in the future!

  8. Ronnie Bolling says:

    Hope your trip is tons of fun guys! Sorry we missed you on your recent trip to Daytona Beach.

    Looks like a VERY nice boat! When we had our place on the Intercostal here I used to marvel at how stable those twin-hull catamarans are in the water. Congrats on becoming the new owners, you both deserve it…………Best! Ronnie

  9. Joyce Hamm says:

    Hi Guys, Nice to hear from you and I must say that is one nice looking Boat!!
    Hope you have a Fantastic trip! I will be watching………….Joyce

  10. Bob Stopper says:

    Wow- Memory Maker would be jealous! Hope to see you again sometime in Lyons on the Erie Canal, Milepost 220. Your previous Erie Canal blog is still one of the best for wonderful information and photos. Best of luck in your new endeavor…. Bob Stopper

  11. Mary Doyle says:

    Think I got it set right. Have a great trip

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