Rain, rain, go away…

Tuesday, August 2nd – Carrabelle, FL
Woke to rain again this morning. Watched the weather channel and kept an eye on the radar on the computer…didn’t look good….green, yellow, red. About 1:00, we made the decision not to try it. Our next leg over to Steinhatchee is 71 miles across the Gulf. Barbara is still a little skittish about the big water especially after a couple that we met along the trip, Ed and Barbara, on a boat named “My Way” had such a horrible crossing a couple of weeks ago. They left from Apalachicola to cross the Gulf of Mexico to Tarpon Springs, about 197 miles, and encountered some nasty summer thunder storms that created high winds and high seas. They made the crossing at night. Ed wrote us in an email that he asked Barbara, his wife, “to try to visualize a night on the Gulf with an almost full moon and flat calm seas that in the moonlight would look like a sheet of silver…everywhere.” He added “my anticipation of stopping on the Gulf in brilliant moon glow, sipping a cocktail and savoring the moment so as to committing it to memory as one of the best memories of our 1800 mile water-ways trip.” Their trip did not turn out to be a romantic crossing, but instead, he wrote “there would be 14 hours of fighting to keep the bow into the 4 to 5 foot waves.” He further wrote “Problem was, the moon was obscured by the thunder heads and it was pitch black. Another problem was, that since the waves were so high and coming from every direction, the bow could not easily be pointed to every wave and so the boat pitched and rolled wildly. Just about everything in the cabin that was not screwed down went flying. The inside of the cabin looks like a train wreck.” He wrote that both he and his wife were tossed around in the boat that she was weightless and was slammed around in the V Birth.

So, with this low pressure still hanging on, we have decided to do break the trip up into several smaller legs. Instead of leaving from Apalachicola, we are leaving from Carrabelle, which is a little further east. We will travel 71 miles across to Steinhatchee, spend the night and then travel from there to Crystal River, which is another 82 miles or so. From Crystal River, it’s just 59 miles to Tarpon Springs. Spent a bunch of time today plotting our courses and setting the chart plotter with the coordinates for these legs.

The rain here in Carrabelle was off and on all day so we did some biking. Checked out the real estate market, no deals here. Property values have apparently exploded here in the last couple of years…worse than in Jacksonville. We could not believe how many condos are currently being built. They are even building condominium boat storage. The building is huge; slip prices start at $38k and go up to about $120k, plus a monthly maintenance fee, plus property taxes. Prices for anything on the water, where you could keep a boat, start out at over $500k – even small shacks on tidal water.

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